Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Told'ya this is a fake of mine.
 I better live alone than live with the people that doesn't care about me.
I'm depressed.

Hi blog. Actually; I am bored right now. I don't have any friends to talk with. Told'ya they're just a birdy bird that only knows how to eat and fly. Ergh. I'm feeling so sad. They don't treat me like I treat them as well. That is about my friends at SSP. Now, about my my friends from primary school. Okay, I asked them to study together at the library tomorrow but then they doesn't want to come. It just because I don't want to invite the boys. Is that the reasons that we can accept? Seriously I hate all of them. Herm seriously I also have the feeling towards the boy but it just a feeling and it is not a love. You would have somebody that will take care of yourself one day. The one that will bring you to heaven. Just think about it. Love in this age would make you get more sins you know. For being love each other is just for a marriage couple. I'm so dissapointed.
Okay then; I'm chatting with my friend. Tersangatlah malu dengan result punya markah kalau nak dibandingkan dengan dia. Untung ah Aridh. Kau daripada dulu sampai sekarang dah lumrah pandai. Aku ni kalau tak disentuh buku tu memang berkarat lah otak. Ni pun dah berhabuk aku rasa. Tiba-tiba cuak sebab nak dapat result after raya ni. Herm. Malu ah kalau ranking dalam sbp jauh nun dibelakang. Thanks to my mentor merangkap sahabat jantung ku Athirah Mohd Izani sebab mengajar. So 2nd trial I want to perform and score that four flat. Please doakan.
Hello pipals; we are Halim's daughter and we love each other veli much c:

This is how we act.

Monday, August 12, 2013

It's seems like aku je yang beriya nak kawan dengan dia. Eh everyone are waiting for the meteor. Lol they are going to feel upset because they can't see anything on the sky. NO METEOR SHOWER for tonight